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Helmet HALO Technologies HITRight Sensor Is an On-Field Training Aid inside the Football Helmet

Training Aid That Reinforces Heads Up Tackling & Blocking

Proper Heads Up Tackling and Blocking is crucial for player safety in all levels of football. While coaches do teach HEADS UP tackling, they are not able to consistently reinforce this with every player at all times on the field. The HITRight Sensor Training Aid works like a personal coach in a player’s helmet, providing constant reinforcement on proper HEADS UP tackling and blocking. The HITRight Sensor Training Aid is the first and only technology based in-helmet training aid to provide an audible alert directly to a player when they have lowered their head into the downward, forward danger zone. With the HITRight Sensor Training Aid, parents can rest a little easier knowing that their child will be getting constant reinforcement of their head positioning no matter the situation, drills, scrimmage or game. 


Football, Football Helmets from Norwalk, Connecticut "Interesting product..quite simple and elegant, but has the potential of having a significant impact on training techniques in football." Philip Schatz, PH.D., Professor of Psychology - Saint Joseph's University


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Technology in Your Child's Football Helmet
Our HITRight Sensor training aid provides an audible alert when a player lowers his head into an unsafe, downward, and forward position. While there will never be a piece of equipment or technology that will prevent or eliminate the risk of a devastating head or neck injury in a contact sport such as football, we can take a proactive approach to help reduce the incidence of concussion being seen in the sport today. Helmet HALO believes the logical place to start is with education of our young athletes and constant reinforcement of proper tackling and blocking technique.  

Our HITRight Sensor is a training aid that will help young ball players get the constant reinforcement of head positioning they need when engaging in contact drills in practice and during game time. While recent events and medical research have highlighted the devastating effects of head and spinal injuries in the game of football, the HITRight Sensor training aid will give parents some comfort that their child is receiving actionable feedback on the field through the HITRight audible alert should their child's head enter the downward, forward danger zone while blocking or tackling. 

Football for the 21st Century
Ours is the first technology to directly interact with football players while they are engaged on the field. This technology will take traditional coaching to the next level for an entire generation of athletes. Parents can rest a little easier knowing that they are doing everything in their power to make their child's football experience a little safer by using the HITRight Sensor for reinforcement of the tackling and blocking techniques taught by the team's coaching staff.

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