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Helmet HALO Technologies HITRight Sensor Is an On-Field Training Aid inside the Football Helmet


New Helmet Sensor Technology

Our technology was founded out of the need for improved safety within the sport of football. Helmet HALO Technologies offers new sensor technology in the form of a training aid that attaches to the ear-hole of a football helmet.  Our technology notifies a player via an audible alert anytime they lower their head into a dangerous, downward, forward position while engaged in play on the field (making a tackle, blocking, 3-point stance etc.).

HITRight Helmet Sensor Technology (Patent Pending)
Everything prior to our HITRight Sensor training aid was about providing impact and post impact data for parents, coaches, medical staff, and researchers.  While we see the value of diagnosis technology, we have chosen to focus on trying to reduce the incidence of concussion.   The HITRight Sensor is the first and only technology that interacts directly with the ball player providing actionable feedback via an audible alert when the ball player has lowered their head into a downward unsafe position while on the field. Our technology aims to change the old culture of leading with your head.  We hope to help transform an entire generation of athletes to keep their heads out of the tackle. (See Product Demonstration Below)

Product Review of the HITRight Helmet Sensor:

A Coach for Each Player
While coaches constantly instruct players to keep their heads up, it is not practical to believe that a coach can see each unsafe head down instance occurring on the field. Thankfully, our HITRight Sensor Training Aid serves as your personal on-field coach. Whether you are running drills or playing a game, the HITRight sensor alerts you that your head is not in the proper upright position.  Remember, tackle only what you can see!

Working with the Coaches
We at Helmet HALO Technologies applaud the efforts of the helmet manufacturers, researchers, and league officials who are diligently working to improve the safety of the game. For us at Helmet HALO, the clear and obvious place to start for improving safety is by educating young football players on proper tackling and blocking techniques.

We believe that the use of our HITRight Sensor training aid, in conjunction with proper coaching, will lead to players that are form focused and more likely to use proper heads up tackling technique. This will ultimately lead to a reduction in the number of head and spinal injuries associated with improper tackling and blocking.

Helmet Not Included 

Please See Product Demonstration Below

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