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Helmet HALO Technologies HITRight Sensor Is an On-Field Training Aid inside the Football Helmet

About Us

Hello, my name is Jerome Tomlin, and as a former collegiate football player and now the father of two young athletes, I understand first hand the concerns of parents, coaches and players regarding concussions and spinal injuries in contact sports such as football. My primary reason for founding Helmet HALO Technologies was to find a way to help reduce the number of concussions and spinal injuries sustained in football.     

While lending a hand as a coach for my 11 year old son's youth football team, it quickly became clear to me that it is not possible to have my eyes on all of the athletes on the field at all times and thus, it is not possible for any coach to be able to see each instance of improper blocking or tackling that is occurring during each and every play.  I thought to myself, how could I improve this situation? The HITRight Sensor training aid is my answer!

The HITRight Sensor training aid developed by Helmet HALO Technologies, provides each athlete on the field with their very own blocking and tackling coach right in their helmet. HITRight notifies an athlete via an audible alert when they have lowered their head into an unsafe downward position. The HITRight Sensor training aid is a constant reminder to young athletes to keep their head up. 

It is my vision that HITRight will help spawn a new generation of young athletes that are properly educated on technique and always cognizant of their head positioning when tackling and blocking.  It is my hope, that with time, this will result in fewer incidences of head down related injuries for all of our children and ultimately, reduce the number of concussions caused by improper tackling and blocking. 

Disclaimer: The HITRight Sensor is strictly a training aid. It is not a protective piece of equipment and is not capable of preventing concussions or other serious head and spinal injuries. The purchaser specifically acknowledges the inherent risks attendant with participating in sports, including football. The information contained on is in the nature of general comments only and we neither intend nor claim to be providing advice on a particular matter. No user should act on or rely on the basis of anything contained on without seeking independent professional medical advice. No responsibility or liability whatsoever can be accepted by Helmet HALO Technologies, LLC or the authors for any injury, damage or loss that may arise from any person acting on any statement or information contained on and all such liabilities are explicitly disclaimed. Helmet HALO Technologies, LLC is an independent company and has no legal affiliation with any other business entity, company or manufacturer.